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3 Easy Tips for a Sizzlin’ Summer BBQ

Three easy tips for enjoying a summer cookout while maintaining your wellness and budget.

There’s nothing better than a summer cookout. Friends and family come together to splash in the pool and lick their fingers clean of sweet, hickory smoked sauce as they soak up the sun. Unfortunately, most BBQs include a list of entrees layered with added sugars in disguise: ketchup, lemonade, BBQ sauce, and more. If you want to enjoy the party without setting your bikini body—or bikini budget—back three weeks, keep reading. I’m sharing three easy tips for enjoying a summer cookout while maintaining your wellness ways.

Get Together At Home

If you’re the one throwing the shindig*, then I highly recommend using your home as the venue. No matter what Instagram feeds you (pun intended), it doesn’t take a million-dollar mansion to host an awesome party.  Most apartment communities have a common area and clubhouse complete with grills and outdoor kitchens by the pool.

If you live in a building or complex that does not have these amenities, you may consider a local park as the venue. All you need are some table cloths and decorations. Both of which can be found at your local $1 store.

Turn Up the Heat

Traditionally, BBQs are filled with aromas of heavy beef and pork: burgers, hotdogs, ribs, you know the drill. Grilling healthier alternatives like fish, chicken, and veggie burgers can save you in calories, carbs, and sugars; especially if you use health-conscious condiments like G Hughes. Check out the mouthwatering recipes below and try one out at your party. I’ve even included a vegan pulled pork option. Yes, I said it… vegan pulled pork.

The Best Grilled Salmon

BBQ Chicken

Vegan Pulled Pork

Freeze the Fruit

Fruit turns into a refreshing dessert when you play with temperature and texture. Nix the cobbler, pie, and ice cream. Instead of turning fruit into corrupt dessert pastries, refuel your guests and delight them with a real display of nutrients.

Cut watermelon into cute triangles, add a skewer, and freeze them on a baking sheet for 2 hours. You’ve just made organic ice-pops for the kids!

For the adults, take a page out of one of my favorite magazines, Bon Appetite. Granita takes the boogie* factor up a notch, and might take your dress size down a notch. The best part is granita can be made up to 3 days ahead! You’re welcome. This recipe for sweet granita is a great place to start experimenting with add-in fruits, nuts, and herbs.

If you love being extra* and want to feel a little nostalgic, make some super fruit popsicles. Blueberry-Chia and Boozy Grape never disappoint after a nutritious, delicious meal.

Have fun!

Now, you’re ready to party without worrying about which yoga pants you need to help hide the bloat. Just kidding… but really…

Comment below with your thrifty tips for throwing a great summer bash. Which recipe are you most excited to try out? What healthy alternative do you serve up that always has guests begging for more?

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