5 Easy Ways to Cut Your Expenses

A quick-fix guide to saving for the holidays and beyond. Five simple ways to cut your expenses before the holidays hit!

If you’re like me and don’t plan ahead for Black Friday deals—or adorable thigh-high boots on a one-day flash sale—then these tips are for you. I’m sharing 5 simple ways to cut your expenses before the holidays hit!

#1 Cook more, book less

I love earning points on dinner reservations with apps like OpenTable and Resy, but my wallet doesn’t love the points it loses every time I order that extra flatbread appetizer. To save some dough (pun intended), make an event of cooking at home. You’ll turn a budget-busting dinner into the DIY pizza party talk of the town. Don’t know how to cook? Think the ingredients are too expensive?

You can craft multiple spins on the classic pizza for less than $1 per serving and less than 10 minutes in the oven. Try some of my favorites:

#2 Make-over your manicure

How much do you spend on a manicure? Mani/pedi combo? Is that every month? Every couple of weeks?

Instead of making it rain for Insta-worthy digits, go retro and polish your own nails. Companies like Zoya are constantly running promotions. During their famous Earth Day BOGO this year, I was able to curate my own collection of 5 colors pleasing to every season of my aesthetic. The total cost? Less than one visit to my manicurist.

#3 Find events and experiences in your area

Eventbrite can help you connect with FREE experiences happening in your city. I found a book signing, bar trivia, and art exhibition within three blocks of my home during my first month as an Orlando resident. Imagine what you could find around you!

I would love to take a trip to instagrammable Bora Bora as much as the next gal, but the long term asset depreciation isn’t worth the photo op. Make the most of your money by cutting out expensive vacations. Pay off all your debt, then pay for your luxury vacay with cold, hard cash money honey.

#4 Pay your debts first

And while you’re at it, pay those debts first. This may be common sense to you, but it took me well over two decades to learn that I can’t (also read: shouldn’t) spend what I don’t have. Paying my debts first prevented those dollars from burning a hole in my pocket and into the cash register of Mr. Stuart Weitzman.

#5 Focus on the goal

There is no better way to cut your expenses than by focusing on your ‘why’. Why do you care about financial wellness? Who is going to benefit from your better financial judgement? What made you evaluate your money management?

Whatever the reason, it’s yours. Be a goal digger and take care of your money. You work too hard not to.


Pushing the limits of your lifestyle by making frugal choices will lead to fruitful returns in the future. If you pick and stick to even one of the tips I mentioned, I’m sure you’ll find some unexpected cash awaiting you.

Which one of these tips will you be trying this season? What other saving habits do you have? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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